10 Things You Need To Create An Italian Style Wardrobe


An Italian woman’s closet contains a lot of things, keep in mind the closets in Italy are very small. But hold a great variety of items. Here are 10 things to have in your closet.

1- A black dress

2- Black high heel shoes or boots

3- Jeans (the perfect fit for your body type)

4- Accessories (lots of accessories)

5- Tops (in black, white, navy blue, brown, grey, red)

6- Pants (in black, white, navy blue, brown, grey, red)

7- Sunglasses (they don’t have to be expensive, they just have to look good on you)

8- Scarfs – Lots of colorful scarfs (some for winter and some for summer/spring)

9- Perfume (find the perfect scent that says something about your personality)

10- Purses – One great purse (black, white, beige, navy)

These are 10 things you should have in your closet to create a great wardrobe. Don’t forget that this is basically the entire wardrobe for most Italian woman. They mix and match all of the clothes and create beautiful outfits out of these simple colors.

The accessories is what most Italian women spend their money on. Hats, scarfs, jewelry, costume jewelry, belts, shoes, sunglasses. All of the accessories is what makes the outfits look different. Check out my accessory boutique for affordable accessories and ideas try my online clothing boutique www.dolceboutiqueitalia.yolasite.com

Of course, you can add more colors to your wardrobe over time. But the above items are the staple of the Italian woman’s wardrobe. It’s a great place to start. Enjoy!

If you would like a private fashion style consultation please visit my website: http://dolceboutique.yolasite.com/  and sign up for my Personal Stylist Service for the Everyday Woman today! 🙂


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