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The Expression of Jewelry

Hello Dolce Bellas!

Let’s explore the world of jewelry today! Yes. Jewelry and accessories are beautiful. But did you know it is a way to express your authentic self? You don’t have to have a lot of jewelry to make a statement or express your personality. You just need a few key pieces that truly mean something to you. Here are a few pictures of jewelry that you may find inspiring!

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It’s almost Friday! Have a wonderful day Dolce Bellas! 🙂




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Beautiful, Delicate and Affordable Jewelry


Hello to all of my Fashionista Friends on a budget,

During this economical time, everyone is trying to cut corners but still try to maintain some level of normal life. I’m here to help you find great bargains and turn one outfit into many different styles by changing your accessories. In Italy, many women purchase the basic colors, black, navy blue, white, brown and red. With these basic colors in pants, skirts, shorts, tops, sweaters and a great pair of jeans, you can have a wardrobe that will create lots of different outfits.

Imagine wearing an outfit of white pants and a white top. I know, it sounds boring, but then add a few accessories, like the beautiful gold jewelry in the picture above. How classy and beautiful this looks, isn’t that a great outfit that you can go to work, happy hour and a movie. It’s versatile and comfortable.

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