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How to Dress Sexy, like an Italian Woman in Italy


Women in Italy actually dress conservatively, and show very little. The picture above is a beautiful picture of an Italian woman, but usually women in Italy look like this when they are in their homes, not walking on the street to the market. Italy is very conservative, they even have a dress code that is strictly adhered to when visiting churches and other religious sites. So, with this said, how do Italian women completely cover themselves up and still remain one of the sexiest women in the world?

I’ll tell you the secret…it’s really simple. They dress for men. Yes! I said it! They dress for men!

Women in America try to dress for other women. Who has the most expensive purse, jewelry etc. Who has the newest pair of designer shoes..this is American Style attitude. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and all ,having pretty expensive things; but when was the last time you heard your boyfriend or husband say: “oh baby, that designer purse looks so sexy on you”. hahahahah..chances are…never! Men don’t know about designers, they are only looking at the shape of a woman, and ummm…what the woman’s body looks like under all of those clothes.

So, Italian women understand that men look at the woman’s body, not really the designer clothes covering it. ok, now…let’s allow this to sink in for a moment…



omg! seriously! He doesn’t care about my LV purse and shoes????


sinking in now….

omg! I can’t believe it!!!!

sinking into my mind…


ok! I think I got it…

yeah, I got it! 🙂

Men are looking at your body, not your clothes. Now onto the secret…

How to remain sexy when you are covered up in clothing. Here’s the secret…


Tailor all of your clothes! Yes, this is the secret!

No matter what shape or size you are, tailor your clothes to accentuate your assets! For example, let’s start with an all black outfit.

A pair of black pants and a black top. This sounds so simple and so boring right? But wait… take both of these items to the tailor, have the tailor fit the black pants closely to your body, not tight, just close, so that the fabric is skimming your skin, you should be able to see the outline of your shape when you put them on. Also have the top tailored as well, bring in the sides closest to your waist so that your waist line is accentuated. Put the clothes on and look at yourself in the mirror, can you see that the snug fit shows the outline of your body? If a man looks at you right now with this outfit on, will he be able to see what your body looks like? The shape etc? The answer should be yes 🙂

You are most likely not showing any skin, cleavage, or legs or any body part out front, but he will be able to see the outline of everything and well…you know…this makes a man go crazy and wild with his imagination. (in a good way) It’s sexy to him, because even though he can see the outline of your body, he can’t truly see everything and it makes him curious, and this is sexy to most men. (whether they admit it or not)

Well, now that you know the secret to Italian women’s sexy and mysterious style, i’ll give you a few more tips.

Tip#1 – Be confident! Stand up tall and feel beautiful on the inside. When you feel beautiful, it doesn’t just have to do with looks, it is also how you feel about who you are as a person on the inside. Feel proud of yourself, your accomplishments, what a good person you are, how well you treat your family, friends, strangers etc. A person’s soul is what is truly beautiful and this will make you glow and be confident and beautiful.

Tip#2 Get a great pair of sunglasses that fit your face perfect! A great pair of dark sunglasses with a nice style is all you need. It makes you mysterious and the glasses are actually a great accessory to match every outfit! They don’t have to be expensive, just good enough so that you can see clearly through them, they have UV rays protection and you feel good in them.

Well, now that you know the secret, are you going to try it? 🙂 I hope this will bring a new confidence to you, and your life will be full of happiness and joy!

Stay tuned to my blog, I will soon be listing the items needed for an Italian women’s wardrobe.

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